Linéa Design Deco





Our volcanic stone table presents a majolica working process, for daily use, that is the result of the fine Italian artisan masterwork. The material together with our skilled and unique production process. They give a life warranty to our tabletops, that are weather resistant and properly cared they last for generations.

The first production step begin carefully with hand selecting all our stone, as even the slabs coming from the same quarry may differ significantly and not be suitable for the specific working process of our tables. For that reason the selection we have is properly cared.

The volcanic stone slab is first cleaned out of any possible impurities, than put and baked in the oven to be finally glazed and hand decorated by our skilled ceramic artists.

What makes the difference from our competitors is our unique and unparalleled elegance of design and our skilled artisans using only the finest techniques. Besides the second baking process takes place in an electric oven that allows the colors shine to come up.